• Carols Delectables very own apple pie in a jar. Only made with our fresh Arizona apples.

  • Slightly warmer than our jalapeno or red jelly, it’s for pepper lovers who like a little more zip than our jalapeno but not the intensity as our habanero.

  • Packed with healthy nutrients, the sweet tartness of this jelly stands up to any bread, muffin or skone. It’s a favorite for PB&J sand witches with both big and little kids. Can also be used as a glaze for ham and salmon

  • If you enjoy lemon meringue pie you’ll love this marmalade that bursts with zesty lemon flavor. In addition to spreading it on toast, muffins, pound cake, desserts, it’s great with fish, chicken, so many things.

  • Our tiny orange- like citrus makes an amazing marmalade.  It’s rich, sweet and tangy flavor has a slight essence of apricots.

  • Grandma’s apple butter is just like it should be. Made with fresh apples and our special brown sugar. This treat is certainly one of the favorites.

  • Made with Arizona cherries, this canning will take you back in time with grandma.

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