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  • Bee pollen is said to help you lose weight, alleviate allergies, boost athletic performance, and treat addiction and asthma.

  • A structure of rows of hexagonal wax cells, formed by bees in their hive for the storage of honey, pollen, and eggs. This stuff is delicious you have to try it! You just take a piece with your fingers and bite […]

  • Mesquite honey comes from Sonoran desert mesquite trees. Desert Blossom is a very sweet, floral honey made of all the flowers of the desert. … Made from Mesquite Nectar it’s quite savory and uniquely AZ …

  • Orange Blossom Honey is a light, golden aromatic honey gathered from the blossoms of local orange groves, offering a hint of its citrus origins. Orange Blossom honey a popular varietal of honey and is only […]

  • The rarest of all of our honeys, it could be here one year and gone the next. A light, mild honey produced from the catclaw bush, part of the mesquite family. Has a slightly aromatic flavor and luscious sweet taste of nectar.

  • Wildflower honey, also known as polyfloral honey, is derived from the nectar of numerous species of flowers or blossoms. The taste, aroma and flavor will vary from season to season, depending on which flowers are […]

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