Our Mama Chelo’s zesty salsa verde will be a perfect blend with your day to day recipes, from crockpot and soup recipes. To home style flavored sauces. You get to choose how to indulge in our fresh flavors.
Our Mama Chelo’s party TRIO-PACK is perfect for potlucks and small engagements. Mix and match for your favorite TRIO selection!.
Mama Chelo’s is known for having the only freshly made prickly salsa in the state of Arizona. Great health benefits come along with this power snack!
Our Mama Chelo’s fresh hand chopped salsa has the capacity to do its job. A garden of packed flavor you certainly will admire. Ingredients: Tomato, Red Onion, JalapeƱos, Cilantro, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Lime (Natural Citric Acid), Assorted Spices.

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